HughesNet Authorized Retailer

Why The Soundwave?

As your Local Lubbock, TX Authorized HughesNet Retailer, The Soundwave provides our customers with the
very best in high-speed satellite Internet throughout the Permian Basin, South Plains and Top of
Texas areas and most importantly available where you live today. Even if you are located in a rural area, HughesNet and The Soundwave can get you doing more of what you love online without breaking your wallet. Through innovative training and partnering with our distributor RS&I and HughesNet, The Soundwave is committed to be
the best satellite providers with quality installations for our partners to ensure the very best
satellite Internet service for your home or business.

By partnering with us, our professional installers will be confident of providing a positive
experience during your installation and after. You cannot find a better service at a better value
with any other satellite Internet service provider. We're ready to assist you, call us today to 806-414-1323 to find out more!

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